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Our Vision


To minimize the health, economic and social impact of the disease by reversing the rising trend of dengue.

Our Mission

To enhance the capacity at National, Provincial, District and Divisional levels for better planning, prediction, early detection, prompt control, containment of epidemics through partnerships and coordinated efforts in sustainable manner.


To reduce endemicity to such an extent that it is no longer a major public health problem in Sri Lanka.

Outcome Objective

  • To achieve case incidence below 100/100,000 population by year 2023.
  • To reduce and maintain Case Fatality Rate below 0.1% by the year 2023.

Specific Objectives

  • To intensify epidemiological surveillance to detect and notify dengue cases real-time.
  • To intensify entomological surveillance to forecast vector density and to take appropriate control measures.
  • To apply appropriate integrated vector management (IVM) strategies to interrupt dengue transmission.
  • To improve early diagnosis and case management.
  • To detect epidemics early and to respond to potential epidemics effectively.
  • To strengthen monitoring and evaluation to ensure optimal programme implementation, management and performances.
  • To facilitate, link and conduct operational research in the prevention and management of dengue infections.