Intersectoral Coordination

The Presidential Task Force was appointed by H.E. the President to strengthen mulitisectoral collaboration and implementation of strategies at the National/Provincial/District levels. The first meeting was convened on 25. 05.2010 chaired by H.E. the President

Members of the Task Force

  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Public Administration
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Environment
  • Ministry of Local Government
  • Ministry of Media
  • Ministry of Disaster Management
  • Ministry of Defense 
  • Ministry of Law & Order


Roles & Responsibilities of each Ministry

Ministry of Health
• Proper treatment of DF/DHF patients
• Prevent spread of epidemics
• Coordinate with other relevant government & non government sectors to carry out dengue control /prevention activities

Ministry of Public Administration
• Maintain all government & private institutions free of mosquito breeding
• Active involvement of dengue control/prevention activities, mobilizing district, divisional and village level officers comes under the ministry

Ministry of Education
• Maintain all government, private schools, piriven, training colleges, vidya peeta, free of mosquito breeding
• Inculcate a behavioural change in school children to keep the environment free of mosquito breeding
• Collaborate with respective Medical Officer of Health and staff to maintain schools, surrounding premises free of mosquito breeding
• Provide necessary guidance through school children to keep their home environment free of mosquito breeding

Ministry of Environment
• Formulation and implementation of policies for proper disposal of solid waste
• Active involvement in dengue control/ prevention activities

Ministry of Local Government & Provincial Councils
• Proper disposal of solid waste including non biodegradable items
• Cleaning of drainage systems and maintaining them properly to prevent water collections
• Maintain public places without mosquito breeding
• Active involvement in dengue control/ prevention activities
• Strengthen legal activities

Ministry of Defense & Ministry of Law & Order
• Maintain all institutions comes under the ministry free of mosquito breeding
• Active involvement in dengue control/ prevention activities

Ministry of Mass Media & Information
• Telecast, broadcast advertisement free of charge in relation to dengue illness including clinical features, treatments and prevention under the technical guidance of the Ministry of Health

Ministry of Disaster Management
• Provide support to control and mitigate dengue outbreaks

Aims of the Presidential Task Force on Prevention and Control of Dengue Fever

  • To prepare strategic plans, programmes to implement effective integrated vector management.
  • To strengthen technical and managerial capacity for the situation analysis, dengue vector control needs assessment, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of impacts at Provincial and District levels.
  • To promote collaboration among national health agencies and major stakeholders to implement dengue programmes.
  • To address programmatic issues and gaps.
  • To adopt an enabling policy environment in implementing regulatory legislation for effective dengue prevention and control.
  • To develop coordinated actions for sustained dengue vector management within and outside of health sector.
  • To increase visibility and sustainability by providing greater opportunities to decision-making on vector control with participation of local communities.
  • Setting up of a core task force at Provincial, District and Divisional levels with multidisciplinary expertise.

Inter Ministerial Participation

  • A Cabinet Sub Committee appointed under the chairman ship of the Secretary, Ministry of Health comprising of secretaries or Additional Secretaries of relevant Ministries.
  • Aims of the subcommittee are
    • To actively participate in dengue control activities
    • Review the activities
    • Submit a report to Cabinet of Ministers quarterly.



Contact Us

  • National Dengue Control Unit,
    Ministry of Health,
    Public Health Complex
    , 555/5, Elvitigala Mawatha, Narahenpita, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka.
  • (0094) 1 2368416, 2368417

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